Sonntag, 9. Dezember 2012

Mi nombre es Sofi de la Torre!

Sodele, nun können wir euch ein Interview über die Interpretin des superschönen und mitreißenden Lied vom aktuellen Rubinrot Trailer präsentieren. Das Mädel trägt den klangvollen Namen Sofi de la Torre, hat noch fünf weitere Songs für Rubinrot gesungen und ab geht's:

Interview von der Rubinrot - der Film-Webseite:

Frage: Wer ist Sofi de la Torre?
Antwort: I’m a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Las Palmas, Spain. I lived in London for a few years and just recently moved to Berlin. My life right now revolves around the recording of my debut album ‘Mine’, which I’m doing in London. Both the album and the movie come out in the same month, so I'm sooo excited about March 2013!

Uuuh, und wir erst!! : D

Frage: Wie kamst du dazu, Lieder für den Film Rubinrot beizusteuern?
Antwort: The opportunity to have my songs in the movie came after I met Felix Fuchssteiner in London. He was in town scouting locations for the movie and I was living there at the time so we met for tea near the Thames - we talked about the books and the film...both Felix and I were really keen on collaborating with each other so I’m super happy it worked out! 

Frage: Du hast zwei Songs im Film performt: Was war das für ein Erlebnis?
Antwort: It was an incredibly cool, new experience. One of the songs I perform plays during a really romantic scene between Gwen and Gideon. It's definitely a very emotional song and was a beautiful experience to perform it.

Frage: Wie viele Songs hast du für Rubinrot - der Film geschrieben? Was hat dich inspiriert?
Antwort: There’s five of my songs in the movie. With regards to inspiration I think it was a mixture of different things but as I read the book before writing the songs and then wrote them with it in mind, the aspect of ‘time’ and so on, definitely factored in quite substantially and you can recognize that in some of the lyrics. Also, one of the things I liked most when I read the book was witnessing how the relationship between Gwen and Gideon develops from almost unthinkable at first, to an intense and adventurous relationship near the end, where both characters discover to have more in common than they thought. It's a great story to inspire yourself from!

Frage: Rubinrot hat viele leidenschaftliche Fans - Glaubst du, dass sie deine Songs im Film mögen werden?
Antwort: I hope so! ;-) From my side, I can say that I really loved writing them and I think they fit the atmosphere of the movie very well. You get a little bit of a taste of this in the trailer, where you hear a snippet of "Faster". When I first saw it, I was incredibly thrilled to see how well it suits the context of the movie. I’m so excited for people to hear the songs! Gonna be great :-)

Ein sehr tolles Interview und Sofi kommt richtig sympathisch rüber! Na, da bedanken wir uns doch mal bei ihr, dass sie Rubinrot - der Film noch besserer machen werden tut! Und auch ein Dankeschön an Felix Fuchssteiner ; )

Hier noch ein oder zwei Videochen von Sofi de laaa Torrrrreee!!

Fu**ing amazing! Yeah! ^^ Oh, wir freuen uns sehr auf den pretty sweet stuff! Coolcoolcool!


Quelle: Film Homepage, YouTube