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Saphire Blue – will be published in spring 2010


Interessant. Höchst interessant! o0

Ruby Red – Timeless Love
Timeless Love, Boundless Success
Sometimes it can be a real burden to live in a family that has a lot of
secrets. At least that is 16-year-old Gwendolyn’s opinion – until that
day when she suddenly finds herself in London at the turn of the last
century. That is when it dawns on her that she happens to be her
family’s greatest secret. But what she doesn’t realize is the fact that
you should refrain from falling in love when you’re stuck in between
two time zones …
Timeless Love Trilogy
This trilogy is guaranteed to be a smash hit: Bestselling
author Kerstin Gier brings the most wonderful feeling in the
world to life. Fever, cry, laugh and long with Gideon & Gwen
while they overcome all time hurdles with their extraordinary
love! Part 1 sold 50,000 copies since January 2009; part 2
– Saphire Blue – will be published in spring 2010.

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Hm... das war wohl nichts

Sapphire Blue is part of a time traveler trilogy, and the three titles have been acquired by Holt Children's Books, which will publish the first title, Ruby Red, in 2011. Next two books will be published in 2012 and 2013.
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Noch'n Update

The second volume of the trilogy, Sapphire Blue, is scheduled to be published in Germany in Spring 2010, with volume three, Emerald Green, following a year later.

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